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Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, houses made from hemp use less energy, create less waste, and require less fuel to heat and cool than standard houses. In the 30 countries where it’s legal, the average person could plant three acres of hemp on their property, and in only three to four months time produce enough hemp material to build approximately 90% of a three bedroom home, without the use of harmful herbicides and insecticides.

Hemp based building material, or “hempcrete,” is a natural product that eliminates the toxicity found in traditional building materials. Typically a mixture of 4 parts ground hemp to 1 parts each lime and water, hempcrete is poured into the same 2 foot by 4 foot wall forms used in concrete production. Once the hempcrete sets, the forms are removed. Framing and finishing work can also be completed with mostly hemp products.

The breathability of hemp building materials allows air to circulate, reducing instances of mold and mildew. Hempcrete buildings absorb carbon dioxide as they fossilize and become stronger than any traditional organic building material. Ostensibly, hempcrete is seven times stronger than concrete, with half the weight and three times the elasticity. This combination of durability and flexibility makes it especially resistant to cracking and breaking, even in areas with frequent earthquakes.

Hemp has a very high thermal resistance, and hempcrete buildings are self-insulating. The natural temperature control of the material cuts heating and cooling costs by nearly half. The walls of hempcrete structures are typically two feet thick. In mild climates, buildings would require no additional insulation, though in areas prone to colder temperatures additional hemp insulation can be used. Hemp buildings are fire and water proof, as well as resistant to rotting, rodents and insects.

Homes made of hempcrete can have finishing work, framing, and cabinetry also done in hemp. Hemp cellulose is combined with hemp hurd and fiber to create fiberboard, roofing tiles, wallboard and paneling. Carpets, curtains, and bedding can all be made of hemp material, and be as soft as traditional cotton materials. Inside and outside walls can use hemp plaster for insulation and textured finish effects, similar to stucco. Hemp based paints have been proven superior for coating and durability characteristics. The entire inside and outside can be painted with paint made with hemp oil that will last twice as long as dangerous petroleum based paints.

BG Medical Technologies knows that your home is the center of your life, and sees a healthy home as a key part of any wellness based lifestyle.


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